Why a Rate Rise Will Only Take House Prices Higher

Source: www.crikey.com.au

In an effort to present balanced views on topical issues todays article is from Crikey.com.  Now Crikey are an unbiased, non-aligned news agency.  These days it is difficult to not read news that espouses editorial from the political leanings of its owner(s).  I believe we should strive for a balanced view (even though I am a screaming lefty!).
The housing situation is crazy.  Prices and rents continue to escalate.  Rents increase with every quarter % point interest rate increase.  It almost feels like the petrol collusion that takes place in this country on a weekly basis.  Prices increase along with all the excuses – comments and complaints are elicited from all an sundry – before too long we get used to it – petrol prices stay at those levels.  Rent hikes are beginning to perform the same way.
OK, enough of me…I mean I’m not a journo.  Let’s read todays contribution from journalist Glenn Dyer.
“Why a rate rise will only take house prices higher”