Trusted Businesses that we recommend

If you are looking for some specific help here is a list of businesses that we have used, worked with and trust to provide an honest, value for money, and effective service in their field. If you would like to have one of them contact you and discuss helping you just click on the link below, nominate the business you are interested in, provide us with your specific contact details and we will get them to contact you!



Richard Abel (Abel, Vincent & Dick)
(07) 3343 6255


Lisa Nobbs (Smarter BIS)
0417 502 777

Debt Collection

Fiona Roy (Dun & Bradstreet)
(07) 3360 0600

Equipment Finance and Business Finance

Paul Harbott (Equipment Finance Solutions)
0438 598 789

IT & Website Development/Support

Tory Gallaghar (Website Management)
0435 184 867
Tom Freer (Wyntec Group)
07 3103 7957

Mortgage & Business Finance and Commercial Lending

Paul Harbott (Business Finance Centre)

0438 598 789

Printing & Signage (Digital & Offset)

Justin Ward (Buzz Print)
(07) 3267 6666


Greg McMahon (Extreme Marquees)
1300 850 832
Letterbox Mailouts (LDN)
1800 010 012

Workplace Health & Safety

Brian Simpson (Inca Group)

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