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Written by Catriona Pollard The only car accident I’ve ever had was when I managed to reverse parallel-park into a telephone pole on a busy Sydney street. As I’m due for a new car, I was quite excited when I saw an ad showing the Ford Focus Titanium reverse parallel-parking […]

Start monitoring social media, or don’t use it!

                By Jim Collins 1.  Quality Executive Leadership Leaders have Personal Humility Leaders show Professional Will, almost fanatical Leaders show Workmanlike diligence – more plow horse, than show horse Leaders are Ambitious for the company, not themselves  2. First Who, Then What Getting […]


  To successfully react to windows of opportunity, regardless of the focus — innovation, growth, culture, cost structure, technology — a new methodology of change leadership is required. Thirty years of research by leadership guru Dr. John Kotter have proven that 70% of all major change efforts in organisations fail. Why do […]

The 8-Step Process for Leading Change

By John Russell – July 2013 There are many people who think they know what the cloud is. Truth be told, the majority of these people would have absolutely no idea how to describe what is becoming a buzz word in business technology – and a concept potentially annoying to […]

Five things you should know about the cloud

  By Lorna Brett With over 70 percent of all Aussie businesses owned and run by families, it’s vital policies and systems are put into place so a feud between family members doesn’t have the power to bring the business down. According to Family Business Australia CEO Philippa Taylor, avoiding […]

How to avoid family-run business drama

By Adam Franklin While social media has been stealing headlines for years, the humble website is very often where you are best off focusing your initial efforts. I’m not talking about a website re-design, really just an audit of what you’ve got already. There are six essential elements to a […]

Six things your website needs

By Lynn Hunsaka “Just talk to your customers” was the resounding answer to: “What’s the best way to learn best practices for customer experience management?” — a question I posted on several business-focused social media sites. Yet less than 60% of companies have a formal voice of the customer program.1 […]

Customer Experience Management is Uncommon Sense