Up Close & Personal

Source: The Australian

Recently I was having lunch with some colleagues of mine.  Over a Yarra Valley Rose we were discussing the strengths of each other…along with our weaknesses.  At ABC Business Coaching we try to review what we are doing as much as possible.  Often it is difficult for us all to be in the same room at the same time so it was during lunch that we had the chance to re-engage with our philosophies and future strategies.

I was reminded that when I joined ABC Business Coaching three years ago I was a “mean” networker.  Hey, networking creates business doesn’t it? Not necessarily immediately but business is created.

My colleagues asked me why I didn’t belong to any business groups anymore.  They went on to quiz me about why  I didn’t have any public speaking events lined up…  I’ll admit it got me thinking.  It also stung me into action.  Hey, nothing like the start of a brand new year to get motivated.

Networking can have a bad name can’t it?  In your face, superficial, downright scary.  I mean you have to introduce yourself, make small talk…move on.  Sure it’s hard work, BUT it can pay off if done correctly.

Here’s a tip from me:  If you knew how little people thought of you then you wouldn’t worry about how little people thought of you.  Come on,  do you really think that other people spend their time thinking about you?  All they ever do is think about themselves!  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a character fault, just a fact.

OK, back to networking.  Check this article out: Up Close & Personal .  This is the future folks.