Electronic Direct Marketing – The Future of Online Marketing Has Arrived, Part 3

Dateline:  Sunday 17th February.  2.49pm.

After doing a massive amount of housework, housework that doesn’t get priority and doing a massive shop, a shopthat doesn’t get priority because I am generally too busy in my business I have decided to commence Part 3 today for two reasons.  Firstly because I said I would publish yesterday (sorry!) and secondly because I have been receiving lots and lots of emails begging for the new posting.   So before I settle into a relaxing afternoon that will include cricket, cooking a wonderful Stephanie Alexander roast chicken and wine here I am with today’s posting.

The Value of EDM From  a Customer/ Prospect/ Client Perspective

The summit asked a number of key clients of marketers what they wanted from Electronic Direct Marketing and after much discussion their wants could be summed up as the following:

  • Give me part of your business.  Not bricks and mortar or cash but a “sense” of having a say in your business with the results of my opinion moulding your business.
  • I want to be involved in the connection between us.  It is not just a one way communication and needs to be meaningful.
  • “The world is flat and getting flatter faster” – one world, smaller world, our world.
  • The message I receive from you needs to be compelling.  So compelling that I really want to share it with my friends and colleagues.  So ask yourself before you send me your message “Would I want to send this to my friend?”

Behavioural Marketing

Behaviour is integral to segmenting online audiences.  The goal should centred in sending the right message to the right person at the right time via the right device!

KEY POINT # 1 FOR CONSUMER:  don’t waste my time and build a strong relationship with me!

The Chain of Communication…


                                                                                                       message, info, story, how  ==>  T   V, PC, Mobile  ==>  consumer decides when, where

KEY POINT # 2 FOR CONSUMER:  I like to be rewarded for my loyalty.  Rewards can be currency points = dollars (for example).

And so concludes part 3.  I told you it would be a short posting.  At least I am true to my word.  Tomorrow I’ll be talking about VIral Marketing.  Yep, I know you’ve heard it before however this discussion has a new spin… See you then and, like I’m about to do, enjoy your Sunday afternoon.