Electronic Direct Marketing – The Future of Online Marketing Has Arrived, Part 1

I recently attended  an Email Marketing Summit.  The information was absolutely first class.

If you’re remotely interested in getting your marketing message across to more people via the electronic medium then I will share with you some fantastic information.  If you can take one or tow points from this posting and apply them to your business then you will be perceived as being innovative, progressive and interesting.  These three nuances are vitally important for the future of Email Marketing.

OK, were you aware that these days we have a much more intimate relationship with our clients?  We do.  This is equally brilliant and burdensome.  Brilliant because we can really, really get to know our clients and their wants.  Burdensome because they are demanding us to do a better job with our marketing. 

In many ways the new consumer wants to be taken on a journey by us.  The brand is not the destination, but the companion on the journey.  Let me clarify one point about “new consumer”.  The consumer that we are dealing with isn’t necessarily “new” per se.  They are new in habit and expectation.  You see, they have evolved with the evolution of technology.  We, as business owners who market to them need to be acutely aware of their new habits and expectations.

Although it is easy to be dismissive of the world wide web, it continues to grow.  Although it is easy to be cynical of the internet, it continues to grow.  My point is, we need to remain abreast of continuing developments in electronic marketing.

Interesting Fact # 1: 50% of the world’s population has NEVER made or received a phone call!

Interesting Fact # 2:  67% of all email is SPAM

In Australia we are experiencing broadband issues.  It all comes down to capacity and speed.  It appears that if there is no growth in broadband at the rate in which in the internet is growing then the web will CHOKE!  Listen up governments!

Interesting Fact # 332% of all genuine emails get blocked.

Interesting Fact # 41 in 67 emails is a virus.  (Whoops, better do an virus update NOW!)

Interesting Fact # 5:  1 in 247 emails is a phishing.

Sobering stuff those interesting facts wouldn’t you agree.  I must go on… How many marketing emails do you delete?  5%.  15%.  All!  Well, truth be know, 63% of users delete advertisers emails.  Hey, it gets worse.  53% of users enter false details when prompted (unless ready to buy).


Think of this as I end Part 1… There is a HOLY TRINITY OF ELECTRONIC DIRECT MARKETING.

  • Relevance – the customers must want it and have requested it.
  • Rendering – the customer wants it to look good upon receipt by them.
  • Reputation – frequency of communication builds trust for the customer.

Hmmm, complex isn’t it?  Could be?  Might be?  The thing is the more we know and learn about Email Marketing and the more we embrace the strategies associated with Email Marketing the better we will be at meeting the needs of our clients, prospects and customers.

Stay tune for Part 2 tomorrow.